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ADEL Slovakia - Slovakia

Adel Slovakia is  based in Bratislava, but they organise various activities all around Slovakia. We have built a strong cooperation network with other organisations, schools, universities, sport clubs on both – international and local level. During all of the projects and activities, they use a wide range of innovative interactive educational methods based on active participation, social inclusion and intercultural learning. Adel Slovakia organises diverse projects, training, youth exchanges and other educational activities or events, conducts research and analysis and cooperates with a wide network of institutions already from 2013.

Synergia Braga - Portugal

SYnergia Braga is an association that was founded in 2004 and consists of a multidisciplinary team of proactive and entrepreneurial young people, with the aim of promoting events and developing projects with and for young people, maintaining a close relationship with the entire community.  SYAJ - SYnergia Association aims to carry out and promote (inter) cultural, social, educational, sport, recreational, artistic, ecological and health activities, aimed at a mostly young population, extending to children and adults in general, elderly and people with disabilities, contributing to the effective improvement of the population's quality of life. SYAJ works in specific areas, according to the core values and objectives, being divided in the following departments SYnergia Health and Wellbeing, SYnergia Culture, SYnergia Academia, SYnergia Environment and SYnergia Social and Education.

Scout Society - Romania

The Scout Society association was established in 2011. The purpose of the organisation is to encourage volunteering and to contribute to the development of the local community, especially in the process of youth education via non-formal education activities. From the desire of helping young people to grow both personally and professionally, but also to involve them in society and local communities which they came from, the association began to develop its activity field, making projects with various themes( like sport, health, multiculturalism, tolerance towards others, discrimination, increasing employability, career orientation), but keeping the same purpose since its establishment – helping young people in their development and form as individuals involved in society, which preserve and share with others European values( unity, communication, tolerance, solidarity, respect, equality, communication, pluralism, peace, democracy, liberty).

G12 - Spain

Gdoce is an entity focused on the design and development of training courses, online and on-site, to promote labour inclusion and educational opportunities among youth and adult learners. The organisation also provides consulting services to companies and public bodies to develop projects.

L’Orma - Italy

ORMA is a nonprofit educational agency that since 2000 has been developing and offering sports/expressive training experiences based on nonformal education aimed at stimulating the personal and professional growth of children, youth and adults.