About the project

The Track-Map-Clean project aims to raise awareness about environmental issues produced by inappropriate waste disposal. During this project, we will develop educational and digital tools for youth workers, NGOs and young people to promote environmentally friendly practices and encourage innovative solutions in order to overcome environmental problems.



○ Create educational tools to support youth workers in their trainings targeting the development of green skills of young people;

○ Raise awareness of the environmental issues caused by waste, among young people;

○ Create digital solutions to environmental problems in the youth work field;

○ Foster youth civic participation in the development of innovative solutions to overcome environmental problems.

Traget group

○ Direct target group: youth workers, trainers, NGOs etc.

○ Indirect target group: youth, environmental activists

Project Results


1. Guide: Digitalization for environmental protection

The first outcome will be a Guide to support youth workers, trainers and NGOs in their work with youth to provide them with good practices regarding the use of digital tools for environmental protection and a training plan aimed at developing green skills. 

2. APP: Track – Map – Clean

The second outcome will be an APP, called Track-Map-Clean, which has the purpose for users to identify places where waste is disposed of inappropriately, fix them on the map with the purpose that other users who have the capacity (individuals, NGOs, public bodies) clean the area